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    ColdFusion Builder Extensions Not Loading




      Windows 7 Ultimate

      SQL Server 2008 Standard

      ColdFusion 9 Developer Edition

      Using IIS

      ColdFusion Builder Plug-In (I was part of the pre-beta and beta and it worked there with Windows Vista Ultimate)

      Eclipse SDK

      Version: 3.5.2

      Build id: M20100211-1343





      1. I have a ColdFusion project with CFNature applied
      2. I have installed multiple extensions (in combination, solo, uninstalled, reinstalled, from archive, from folder, all combinations)
      3. I have refreshed my project
      4. I have reloaded the extensions
      5. When I right click on the ColdFusion project it doesn't offer any of the menu options for the ColdFusion Builder extensions installed
      6. This is a ColdFusion Builder Trial (so I can't just uninstall and reinstall ColdFusion Builder)





      Braden Lake

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          Abram Adams Level 1

          Not sure if this would help, but try to apply CFB update 1 ( "Help > Adobe ColdFusion Builder Updates..." ).  Then start eclipse with the "-clean" option.  Also, do you have the CF server setup in CFB and is it running?


          If none of that helps, perhaps try to create a new workspace ("File > Switch Workspace > Other"), that sometimes fixes oddities.