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    Insane.. in a good way

    shooternz Level 6

      I am in the process of testing Red footage workflows in CS5 for an upcoming combined 35mm Film /Red project.


      I just made up a test project ( Preset Red 4K 25fps).


      I threw a 4k clip (RD3) on the timeline..then  two clips from a Canon 5D (movs 1920 x1080 HD) then two 720p (.mxf)..... plus two 4k titles


      All stacked from large to small ....and then I applied random motion, opacity and fx at them all.


      The yellow render bar never faltered and everything plays realtime.





      Tip: I reduced 'Playback Resolution'  and 'Paused Resolution' to 1/2  for each because of the Red footage.  This was to ensure prompt / snappy playback from the Space Bar.   (The other footage would play back fine at Full and Full).  Whatever... 1/2 equals 2000 lines of Red playing back R/T.



      This is SO insane... I am in MPE heaven and cant actually believe it.


      BTW: My system is not even RAID based.