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      I am using cffile to upload video to a server.  The files upload fine if they are small.  I just tried uploading a 70 meg file and was sent to a '404 - file or directory not found' page.  Any assistance would be great...

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          RichinternetFrank Level 1

          Some more information would be great... e.g. operating system, web server in use, hosting environment, things you already investigated, etc.


          As far as I remember there are no restrictions concernig the size of uploaded files with cffile. The only limitation is the servers memory, because the file is stored in the memory until the upload is finished. Afterwards the file will be written to disk.

          Or it could be a timed out connection (depends on your web server properties)...

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            ilssac Level 5

            There are configurable limits on request size (i.e. file upload size) in the ColdFusion administrator.


            It is also possible that the web server (IIS, Apache, etc) could be imposing its own limits.

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              djeter3 Level 1

              This is a new installation of IIS.  There was a post limit of 12.5 megs

              by default.  I raised it to 200 megs and now things are working great.  Thanks.