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    Can't Print this illustration

    DesignRoo Level 1

      Okay, first time in donkey's years I've had this 'Can't Print the illustration' window - brand new CS5 suite, brand new computer - 4 days old (Dell, 36bit - would prefer a Mac but there you go).


      History - large format packaging file - 600mm x 1200mm. Line drawings. Black and one spot (Pantone) color only. Job needed original English version converted to Chinese language. This had to be done on an older 'chinese' PC in Illustrator 4 with correct Chinese fonts. But after the translator did her job, I needed to return it to CS5 on the Dell to make alterations. Chinese fonts converted to outlines for transfer. Once alterations done, tried to print and got the silly can't print message.


      prints fine from Dell in PDF format.

      prints fine from Dell in jpeg format.

      prints fine form old 'chinese' PC in Illustrator 4 format with either outlined fonts or fonts.


      havent had any problems printing anything else in CS5, just this one job.


      The only thing I can think of is that there was a problem when converting the Chinese font to outlines there were too many points created and either Illustrator or the printer cracked the irrites.


      Any help on how I can work out how to fix this.


      ...although I have been using Macs/PC's and all Adobe programs for over 25 years I HATE trying to figure out this stuff and prefer to just be an end user without trying to figure out why a perfectly reasonable request goes odd.


      thanks in advance.

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          TJmag Level 1

          Hi, I get this error quite a lot (like in 2 out of 10 files).

          Most of the times I just export the artwork to pdf and print it from acrobat.

          It might also help (as this usually happens with complex illustrations) to clean up all unnecessary swatches, brushes, symbols and graphic styles.


          Adobe could just be bit more specific with the error messages because "Can´t print illustration" is not that helpfull.

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            DesignRoo Level 1

            Thanks TJ - as I said in my post, I have had this with earlier versions years ago (Illustrator 2), and old Mac 400's (yes I go back quite a ways) - but I really would have expected the newest CS5 with the best quality PC not to have this issue.


            Thanks for your tip - it is bit hard for me as an 'anglo' to clean up Chinese outlined fonts - who knows WHAT I might end up saying! So I will just have to print as pdf as that was the only thing that worked.


            'can't print illustration' is a useless message. It could at least say 'due to lack of RAM, or Printer malfunction' or anything else!


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              DesignRoo Level 1

              well, this is frustrating. 6 out of 10 of my current job come up with this message. They all work simply fine from CS4. What is the problem? Where do I find out how to fix this? help anyone?

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                CupertinoFruit Level 3

                It's really frustrating to see such a thing happening with 60% of your files. Could you share one such problematic file on this forum?

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                  DesignRoo Level 1
                  function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

                  Could you share

                  Sadly, no. Files are copyright design sensitive - but thank you. I wonder if it is because they were originally CS4 files? hmmm. Not really sure. What I will have to do is recreate the same artwork or similar from start with the same brushes and fonts and see if that still causes a problem. I have yet to narrow down if the problem is coming from CS5 or from my printer and/or printer driver. I was assured it was all updated and compatible... but there you go.


                  If I can reproduce the problem with a 'generic' type art I will post it here for advice - you have all be very helpful already.


                  these things always happen when up upgrade everything all at once It is only Day 4 and overall I am happy with new CS5. just the printing issue is a pain.


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                    ASHUTOSH15 Level 2

                    What happens when you open the same file and copy paste into a new CS5 document?

                    you should also try to contact Adobe https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?name=wishform

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                      DesignRoo Level 1

                      EUREKA! Thank you Ashutosh15!


                      I had forgotten this old trick - and it worked. I remember having to do this way back when during the transition to 3. Your help is appreciated.


                      Also, the Adobe Illustrator Quality Engineering team contacted me and have offered further assitance. Great service from Adobe and this forum. Thank you.

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                        ASHUTOSH15 Level 2

                        Great to hear things have ben workedaround at your end. Yes you are right when you say copy pasting to a new docuent with paste remember layers is an old trick that bails us out a lot of times   other common workaround in cases when the files get curupt due to some I/O mishap on the disk is to create a new AI file place the currupt AI file it will place the PDF portion of it and you atleast get back the PDF portion of it if not the live effects and other live Illustrator features.


                        Best wishes for your interaction with Adobe quality engineering !

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                          Marlon Monro Level 1

                          I found I could get around the problem by:


                          Ctrl P [to print] - AI print dialogue box comes up.


                          Note if you click on PRINT at this point, you get the "Can't print the illustration" message.




                          If you click on the SETUP button on the LHS you will get your printer's dialogue box.

                          Click on PRINT - printer dialogue box disappears, leaving AI print dialogue box

                          NOW click on the PRINT button

                          Printer prints illustration.


                          [Does for me at least]


                          Good Luck

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                            mr_payno Level 1

                            Monro, that worked perfect!, nice one, was having same problem. must be a communication error of some kind

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                              mreltigre Level 1

                              Like above, save a copy w different file name, close, quit Illustrator and try again.  Sometimes even cutting and pasting onto a brand new document (File -> New) works also. 

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                                Harv Craven Design - HCD Level 1

                                It seems to be when the file exceeds a specific dimension; the only way I can get around this is to print a large format file (in this case a 96"W-x-48"H sign) at 50% scale. When I do this, I get no File I/O error. Happens to all files over X dimension in size  -- I haven't determined the cutoff point yet.