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    SuperTabNavigator Problem

    Raghuvasa Level 1

      Hi All,


               i am using SuperTabNavigator in my application.

      here i have one problem with tab name. i have specified editableTabLaebls is true for SueprTabNavigator.


      if i change the name and if it is too long then it is dispalying toolTip like this.


      below i have attached the image.


      actually for the last tab i have mentioned the name as New Dashboard Element but it is displaying toolTip  as New Dashbo...t






      Can any one help me regarding this issue?.


      thanks in advance


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          Sarkhan_student Level 1

          .I also use flex Flex web application.And I use Supertabnavigator in my project.I cant acces supertabnavigator tab children property.When I use flex 3 all was  succesfully  (supertabnavigator.selectedChild.getChildren).But now I use Flex 4 .And I cant  get selectedchild elements property. I want to compile this code :  Alert.show(supertabnavigator1.selectedChild.getChildren.length.toStri ng()); I receive this   error  Access of possibly undefined property getChildren through a reference with static type mx.core:INavigatorContent/        Please help me .

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            Sarkhan_student Level 1

            I have already solved this problem