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    Problem with local socket connection

      I'm working on an application that runs on a web server, but has to connect to a socket server on the local/client computer. It runs just fine on my computer, that is, in IE. It will not connect to the local socket in Firefox. What's even stranger is that I've tried to run it on two different computers in IE, same browser version, same OS, same security settings, and it won't work. It won't connect to the local socket server.

      It seems like a security issue, but what puzzles me is that it works in IE on my computer. The only differense that I can think of is that my computer has Flex Builder, Visual Studio and some other development tools. Is it possible that this might affect the security settings for IE?

      I've tried all possible combinations of crossdomain.xml, Security.allowDomain, allowScriptAccess etc. It does not seem to have any effect. I've looked into the sms.cfg and "FlashPlayerTrust", but from what I understand this is related to local SWFs that needs to access remote data. For me it's the other way around. My remote application needs to connect to a local socket. I've also tried to add "localhost" and "localhost:5001" in the "Global Security Settings panel", no change.

      If I run the application locally in the browser it works just fine on all 3 computers in both Firefox and IE.

      I've spent two days on this issue and I'm just about ready to toss my computer out the window.

      Any ideas?