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    playheadTime returns undefined

      I have a flash movie with 5 keyframes, 3 of which have an FLV playback component in them. The first keyframe plays a video and upon completing, goes to the 2nd keyframe. The 2nd video plays all the way to the end, and then loops. It is supposed to go to a keyframe with 2 buttons on it asking a question about watching another video. If the yes button is clicked then its supposed to load the 3rd video and if no is clicked its supposed to go to a screen with a login. The only difference other than the video name thats loaded is that the 3rd keyframe doesnt have an FLV playback in it. My code is exactly the same. What gives? My trace returns fine except for on the 2nd video, where it returns undefined, and the video will loop a few times then finally go to the 4th frame.