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    Continuous Scroll, Continuous Drag (k)

    Level 7
      I have a continuously scrolling movieClip. It scrolls continuously by
      looking at the _x coordinate. If it reaches a certain point it jumps the
      playhead back to the beginning to seamlessly scroll. It scrolls by
      subtracting a speed variable, currently set to 2, from the _x coordinate.

      I also have a drag function associated with this scroll bar. It works,
      but not exactly as I would like. It is limited.

      You can scroll through the entire movieClip but it stops at each end.

      How can I get it so when the SWF starts up and the movie clip's _x
      coordinate is 0 that you can actually drag the movieClip to the right?

      Currently my drag settings are:
      this.startDrag(false, -2570, 70.5, 0, 70.5);

      This allows you to drag the movieClip but only to the left at first. And
      will stop the drag when you hit the rightmost edge?

      It won't let you drag to the right at first because it is already at the
      leftmost edge.