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    How do you secure updates to Robohelp packages?


      Hello all,


      I'm building a knowledgebase type application for our technical group to take out to the field where there is sometimes little to no mobile data signal. Robohelp seemed to fit the bill with it's AIR packaging ability, and I have commenting and auto online update notifications and installation working.


      The issue I'm running into is this:

      If a person who has left the company still has the program, or made a copy of the original .AIR installation file, they will forevermore get online updates.


      I have thought about putting the online update .xml and .air file in a password protected area, but that would mean the automatic update check would obviously fail since it's being asked for login credentials. I don't see any options for password protecting the AIR application either.


      What are my options? Any ideas on how I might accomplish this?


      We do have a secured company website area that employees with proper credentials can access. I do have webspace that can support basic unencrypted or encrypted authentication. I do not want to go a VPN route because the VPN access is terribly slow, and the knowledgebase application is 200+MB.


      Is there a way I can make the user log in to a website through the AIR help application, and then trigger the AIR app to check for an update?


      Thanks in advance,