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    Fumbling in the dark... again...

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      I am curious of what the experts have yo say about my thought - please light up my knowledge - i just want to know.. and already now don´t hesitate i Love DWSkärmavbild 2010-06-07 kl. 13.35.16.png.



      1/  I have just checked DW5 and the live view - a nice idea that is superb indeed - no more zapping between. However when i use Firefox (wich i normally do)  checking the "view stylecheet info" i get far deeper in depth when it comes to find the CSS - rules -  Am I right about this or am i doing wrong (wich i doubt) in DW ? I hope i am wrong other wise i will stick to FF. When using the recommended "prefs" that automatically shows up in the bar for viewing DW kind of says that the function will work the best..... Does this means that it works as it supposed to do or from time to time it will miss some css-rules like it does compared to the web developer tool on FF.


      Believe me, I am using DW 4 and are happy with that, it is a great tool and now once again there is a update that maybe gives a lot to some but cost money again...for functions that you can find i all "developers" tools in browser like FF for instance - what i would like to see where functions that where far better than in free plug ins for a browser.... because it actually seems like web developer tool for FF finds more detailed information then DW.


      Unfortenately i also feel like it is a bit "smacked together in a hurry just to be in time with the rest of the cs suite or what ever...


      I mean how on earth can software developers miss that when wanting to follow link when in design/ viewing mode, live view... its is written

      Follow link(ctrl click on link) when you ctrl click to see the option wanting to follow link - on a mac.... in a swedish version... i saw that after testing the software for 30 minutes...


      Anyone have knowledge about this or can tell me if this really is an update worth the money - though what i can find on the DW page is a little pice of video that proofing the function seems to be working.