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    980X Best 6-Core CPU Even If I Don't Plan on Overclocking?

    FelixUnderwood Level 2

      I'm looking at a new Gigabit GBAX58A-UD5 moboard from my brother, which will save me $300, but he claims that I'll have to update the BIOS for it to recognize a 980X. Well, that means putting in a lesser processor to upgrade the BIOS and then changing it out to the 980X, which is more trouble (and expense) than it's worth. So, I don't plan on OCing anyway, so is there an Intel CPU with similar specs to the 980X, except maybe not being able to be overclocked? Do you feel that the performance of the 980X warrants spending $300 on a moboard that supports it? Perhaps I could get Gigabit to send me an updated BIOS chip for the moboard...