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    CS5 quicktime "MooV" error - can't render or preview...

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      Hello everybody,


      I'm working on a project with a imported quicktime movie file. The file works just fine in quicktime player.

      But... when i try to render the project from AE CS5 i get this error:


      Rendering error while writing to file "/Users/etc....

      An output module failed. The file may be damaged or corrupted. (-1610153464)


      I also get the error saying this type of "MooV" file is not supported.


      But like i said it's just a regular quicktime movie....


      I allready tried the following:

      - re created the quicktime movie from AE CS4 - with different codecs (photo JPG, lossless, animation) all giving the same result

      - trashed my AE CS5 prefs

      - purged everything

      - restarted my mac and AE


      playing the quicktime movie in AE CS5 in the footage window causes AE to crash....


      I'm running mac os 10.6.3

      latest version of quicktime


      Anybody had the same issue?

      Only solution i can think of now is start over in CS4.....






      Edit - OK i restarted for the second time and now everything seems OK....


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