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    PDF from specific user won't open or save


      I have an odd one here.  One of our sales reps has PDF sales oder files emailed (Outlook 2007) to him from a customer service rep (Outlook 2007).  He is not able to preview, open, or save those files.  The Previewer fails, can't open them manually, and cannot save the attachment.  When trying to save the attachment the error says to make sure the user has permissions to save in the folder he is saving too.  He does of course, and other files save fine.


      Any other PDF files, from any other user, open and save with no problem.


      What is confusing is that this same customer service rep sends me the exact same files, I have no problem previewing, opening, or saving them.


      I uninstalled the sales reps version 8, rebooted and installed version 9 last week.  Still has the same problem.


      Could there be a corrupt key in registry that is preventing these files from opening?


      Thanks much.