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    FME Vista audio problem..


      Im using a Dazzle DVC 90 to livestream to justin.tv but my only probably is that FME doesnt show Dazzle as a audio in put device, so im pretty much streaming with no sound, some people say i need to download somethin to redirect it to fme or soemthin everyone i ask has a different answer ive also heard something about a virtual audio cable... any help would be appreciated

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          ichrisis Level 1

          The Dazzle has the following inputs:


          * Composite video input (RCA connector)
          * S-Video input (mini-DIN connector)
          * Stereo audio input (2 x RCA connectors)


          Can we assume that you have plugged in 2xRCA connectors into the audio ports?  This would go from the RCA audio OUTPUTs of your device (vcr/camcorder).  If you have not, then it may mean that the dazzle device is not reporting audio capability - FMLE only picks up what the card reports it has. Plug in the audio cables and restart FMLE.


          If you do have audio cables plugged in and there is still no sound then your alternative is to input sound through another device - i.e. the computer's sound card, via the line-in port.  In FMLE you can select different devices for video and audio input with no problem.

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            Daltonwing323 Level 1

            everything has been hooked up right my other programs pick up dazzle audio and record it just fine, its just this program, if you look on youtube theres tons of videos about people with this problem yet no one has posted a clear answer on how to fix it thats why i came here to see what people on the actual site of the program would have to say about it.

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              ichrisis Level 1

              Is the dazzle device on the hardware compatibility list published by adobe? If not then you are out of luck - you will not find a solution.  I suggest you use the line-in jack on your sound card and select that in FMLE as the audio capture device.

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                Daltonwing323 Level 1

                It works on XP but on vista i hear things about needin like a Virtual audio cable or something.. and about the line in and stuff i have no idea what your talkin about heres a video showing you how im hooked up..




                video wasnt made by me but it was like a tutorial used for hookin it up.