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    Elements are being overlapped when page flowed to next page




      I have 2 subform vertically placed adjacent to each other withing the main subform.

      Subform1(positioned,allow page break,continous filling the previous page,int he content area)


           textfield1(var length)

           textfiled2(var lenght)

           textfiled3 (filxed length)

           textfield4(fixed length)

      subform3(having textfield with fixed length)(positioned)


      Now my problem is as textfiled1 and textfield2 are of variable length in subform2 so when they hv lot of data that makes form to flow to next page, in this case data flows to next page but hides the textfiled3 and textfield4.


      I am sure this is the problem of the setting of the layout, please suggest something