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    End of export options? refresh php/html code between DW and FW


      Hi there,


      I have designed a template in FW CS5. Now I am exporting that design as a "css and html" PHP file.

      Opened it up in DW CS5. Looks good right now. Tested in Firefox. Looks good.

      I add some PHP CODE to make this PHP-File really dynamically. Testing this in Firefox, looks also good.




      I try to make some changes in the Fireworks document, and export that. But the PHP CODE is overwritten?



      I have thought that Fireworks and Dreamweaver can exchance changes????


      Do I am thinking / working wrong?



      thanks in advance




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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          Round trip editing only goes so far. Fireworks is a graphics editor, not a web page editor.


          If you round-trip from DW to FW and you use the original source PNG file, any DW changes you made will be ignored because the original PNG file doesn't have that information to begin with.


          I haven't tried this myself, but you can try to add HTML slices to the fireworks document, and add your custom code in that manner..


          Dave Hogue and Mariano Ferrario have a great article on extending Fireworks this way which you should read:







          Jim Babbage

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            office@klangfeld.at Level 1

            Hi Jim,

            hm,ja,... not sure about that.


            I dont wanna generate code in DW to paste it in a fireworks iframe. And export it to DW again... senseless progress..


            Round trip editing only goes so far. Fireworks is a graphics editor, not a web page editor.



            I've thought Photoshop is graphic editor. PS has also the ability to export "web picutres" and the "slice" function which includes the "HTML and Picture" export function! Why should buy or use another program? So many versions, and no progress further



            What I found out is, that if I use in FW the "HTML and Images" export option, FW adds an


            <!-- fwtable fwsrc="mainimage.png" fwpage="mainimage" fwbase="smolder.png" fwstyle="Dreamweaver" fwdocid = "1119025248" fwnested="0" -->


            If I use the "CSS and HTML" export function this tag is missing! So DW cannot interact with FW anymore.


            I am a lot little bit angry about this non existing - contemporary development progress. Who is using this useless HTML export features anymore? ("COPY HTML" in FW and the "INSERT Fireworks HTML" in DW).


            I've thought "_NOTES" and "xxx.lbi"-Files are exactly for that?

            Why they dont use the "comment"-Tags in a html code for tagging edits? Or anything else?





            Can anyone of the developers can explain me that?

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              Jim_Babbage Level 4

              Sorry, I was just trying to help.


              I use Fireworks to create wireframes, screen graphics and realistic multi-page prototypes for client and user testing. I can do this all much more quickly and easily than in Photoshop. So I'm already saving time. Just as I don't expect Dreamweaver to excel at editing or creating graphics, I likewise don't expect Fireworks to excel at HTML rendering.


              The HTML and Images export is only useful for prototyping; it generates a rigid, table-based layout made entirely of graphics. But you can test out rollovers, interaction, and navigation. I don't know anyone who uses this option for a final web page; it was never designed to be a final solution.


              The CSS and Images export is better than CS4, but it's far from perfect, and it's designed to go in one direction, not really for round-tripping, unless you're just planning to update a graphic, rather than an entire layout. You get your layout exported as CSS and Images, then tweak the CSS and HTML as necessary in Dreamweaver or another web page editing tool. Me, I just export my graphics and build my HTML and CSS properly in Dreamweaver. Sometimes I might use FW to generate the "skeleton" of the layout in CSS, such as basic DIV placement, but usually I find working in Dreamweaver faster.


              Because that is Dreamweaver is designed to do.


              That said, feel free to use whatever tools you find the most helpful. Whatever makes you more efficient is the important thing. If that means you're designing web sites in Photoshop, that's great. No one is forcing you to use or buy anything you don't want to use or buy. That's the great thing about using the trial software first; you get to see if you like what Adobe is selling. If you don't, stick with what you have and save your money. Your only investment was some time.


              If you are very concerned about this workflow, my recommendation is to submit an enhancement request to the Wishform at:




              Jim Babbage

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                office@klangfeld.at Level 1

                Hi Jim,


                sorry for my sharp tone and for my bad english) :-). The day before costs me many nervcells.

                I was so happy to see the "HUGE CS5" and its groundbreaking features, a few weeks ago. They tell "Now it is possible,..!" - since Adobe buyed Macromedia - to send files from here to there, and save your time... :-) But all these things worked at the time where GoLive was still existing. Slicing from PS to GoLive,.. Placing DIVs nicely and so on.. So I thought "Yes we can! :-) ". But it was a advertising hoax,... I was angry to adobe, not to you!!!! Yes, they have some nice features.. Flash Catalyst, AE with auto rotoscoping, PS with auto Fill,.. and so on..

                I have thought Firewoks is a slicing tool from the old macromedia like the ImageReady from Adobe.


                Maybe to CS6 my wishes come true. I will write them a mail! Thanks for the link!


                What I also miss - if dreamweaver is the only alternative to GoLive - is the "CSS Inspector" feature, where I see my result if I have opened up a CSS File.


                I will give them a try and write a letter. I promise I post the results here...







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                  office@klangfeld.at Level 1

                  So ready now.


                  Here is my post:


                  How would you like the feature to work?


                  Creating a complete website design in Fireworks, export that as a CSS-File, Images and HTML-file (PHP,CFM).


                  Open the HTML-File in Dreamweaver and add some recordsets, behaviors and make the site dynamically. (This works right now very well!). But now the client want some changes in the design. Now I should opened up the Fireworks PNG make these changes and export it again as CSS and HTML (PHP, CFM). Job done, all changes will be ADDED correctly to the existing "edited" HTML.


                  (But right now, all added behaviors, recordsets and Code will be overwritten by fireworks and you have to do the job twice).


                  Why is this feature important to you?


                  It will save time for the programmer because he has to add the recordsets and behaviors twice - at this time. Or he has to correct the design manually in CSS Code (Dreamweaver). Within this feature the designer can correct it and export it, and the HTML Code will held the added PHP or CFM Code Snippets.


                  How would you realised that?


                  I think that the "HTML and PHP Comment-Tags" can be used for that


                  Example of an normal HTML Comment:

                  <!-- FW:"CodeID-for-fireworks" // NOTE-TEXT: This is a hint-text which could be edit by the user and describes the following Code Snippet --!>


                  FW use this tag, but only in the "HTML and Images" export and not in the "CSS and HTML" export option


                  Simply use the "FW:"CodeID-for-fireworks"-Tag " from the sample above as a reference for the correct export to Fireworks. So Fireworks know now, that the following part of a CodeSnippet correspond to a specific area in the PNG, and should not overwritten - FW renders the new HTML out correctly.


                  You can also USE the PHP Statement:


                  Another FEATURE who FITS to this idea is the ability to automatically add "Comment-Tags" to PHP behaviors or recordsets, Dreamweaver adds the behaviors arbitrary/randomly. So the programmer has to read (and understand) the code which was added by dreamweaver.


                  Or simply write the the Tags and settings in the _NOTES Folders....









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                    Jim_Babbage Level 4

                    Dreamweaver CS5 has a CSS inspect mode.


                    Fireworks is and always has been far more than a slicing tool.


                    And yes you can export CSS and Images fromFireworks, but whether the CSS and HTML created from this export meets your needs is only for you to decide. I've read on the forums here that some  use it all the time.


                    I guess I'm a little old fashioned and prefer to build my pages by hand.


                    Jim Babbage