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    Replacing missing Plug In with other

    ruzun Level 1

      When I load any of my older projects that used Mercalli, I get Video Filter Missing messages for PR.prodad.Steady-Ready-Video (which is expected). Once I am in the project and look at a clip that used Mercalli I see Offline (filter unavailable) where Mercalli was.  Is there some way for me to have it automatically load a different plug in for those that used to use the Prodad Mercalli plugin, or do I have to manually go in and delete the offline filter and then add the new mercalli plug in once that becomes available (Mercalli V2 for CS5 should be out before the end of June).


      basically once I get Mercalli V2 for CS5, whats the easiest way to get an old project using the new CS5 plugin for each clip rather than showing the offline filter message in the effects controls.