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    Committing specific items

    K-kOo Level 1

      Hey all !


      In my model i have a Post entity and a Tag entity; and posts have tags. Simple !

      In my form, when the user creates a tag that is not existing in the DB, I do:

      - tagService.serviceControl.createItem(t:Tag)

      - keep the returned ItemReference in memory;

      - add the tag object to the tags list of my post.


      Then when i want to save the post, I want to use my saved ItemReference to be sure of what will be committed. But when i do that i get the exception that says items are not managed by the dataStore:

      Commit called with an item at array location: 0 which is not a managed item in this dataStore


      I am a bit confused, because the help explicitly says that we can call commit with ItemReferences coming from serviceControl.getItem() or serviceControl.createItem().


      // Create a tag

          var tag:Tag = new Tag();
          tag.name = name
          var it:ItemReference = tagService.createTag(tag);
          pendingNewTags[name] = it;


      // Update post

          var a:Array = [];
          for each (var k:ItemReference in pendingNewTags)


      What should i pass instead of my ItemReferences ??


      Thanks !