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    Cairngorn, Fluorine,WebOrb

      Until now i've been developing flex applications with .net as the backend ,using HTTPSERVICES or WEBSERVICES but now i need to use authentication on one application and to do that consistently i read i must use a gateway like Flash Remoting.
      Since Flash Remoting and Flex Data Services or LiveCycle as it called now, are paid i searched for a free framework and i've found this 3 to be the best ones, so my question is, does anyone konws this frameworks in a way that can tell me the main differences between them?

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          As far as I am aware Cairngorn is a framework for building RIAs with Flex in a best practice way; and I don't believe it would help at all with what you are asking.
          In order to use authentication from .Net back-end via Remoting there are two options that you have already identified. Fluorine is open source and free. WebOrb would be my preferred choice, however if you want windows authentication then you can't use the free version and so have to pay for it (I would suggest you email Mark Piller to confirm this though see http://www.themidnightcoders.com/about/). Assuming you have the budget to pay for WebOrb that would be my choice - it wins out on features, maturity of the product, support and documentation. If however you just want the basics and are willing to figure things out by yourself and do not want to pay a dime then fluorine looks like it will do the trick. Regarding, LiveCycle I think that is JAVA only and so is not an option.

          If you want to do authentication using web services (not Windows authentication) then this is entirely possible without using remoting (although I would only consider it over https/ssl). This can be done using custom headers, for more info on this see http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/9z52by6a.aspx and http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/201/html/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=Live Docs_Book_Parts&file=dataservices_099_32.html

          Hope this helps.