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    Linking an H1 tag that uses image replacement

    R-Co Level 1

      I didn't see this issue addressed in other discussions about image replacement, but hopefully there's an easy solution. My logo at the top of the page is an H1 tag, and I'm replacing the text with an image and using text-indent to throw the text off the page. I'd like to make the logo a link to the home page, but it doesn't seem to recognize the <a href> tag. The same technique works with the unordered list I'm using for my navbar, but apparently doesn't with the H1 tag. What am I doing wrong?


      Here's the HTML:


      <div id="header"><h1><a href="#">Colby Design</a></h1>


      Here's the CSS:


      #header h1 {
          background-repeat: no-repeat;
          text-indent: -1000em;
          height: 61px;
          margin: 0;
      #header h1 a:link,#header h1 a:visited {


      Here's the page: http://www.colbydesign.com/redesign/index.html