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    No CSS Design View?


      I'm a guy that usually likes to style apps using an external CSS and selecting a component to style, and having a way to add that component's properties/styles to edit.


      Flash Builder 4 has done away with this, but to me it feels like it's going BACKWARDS.. but it's probably something I'm missing, so I'd appreciate the way people are using it...


      So right now it seems like I can set styles ON a component, and then MOVE it to the existing CSS file I have, but I want to make sure that this doesn't leave ANYTHING within the code view that is styled? I tested it and it seemed to leave backgroundColor in the mxml declaration.


      On top of that, there's no autocomplete for any CSS in the CSS view?


      Just seems for CSS view you're somewhat stuck to doing it all by hand again...

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          Jason San Jose Adobe Employee

          What SDK version are you using?


          Let me start with the easy questions.



          Can you explain in more detail what you mean about setting styles on a component and moving them to a CSS file? Sounds like you're using Design view to set styles in MXML then convert them to CSS declarations. This should be fine since Design view should only let you set valid style properties.


          Jason San Jose

          Software Engineer, Flash Builder

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            Jason -


            What CSS editor are you referring to?  I'm using Flash Builder 4, and when I open a css document, it's just the regular Eclipse text editor.  I don't see a CSS perspective or view in any of the menus.  The normal Flash Editing perspective seems to have "code hinting" only for the names of elements, i.e., you type "s|" and it brings up the list of Spark components.  But there's no hinting for the actual properties of those elements, which is what I would really like.  Am I missing something obvious?