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    Horizontal alignment in my table is not consistent

    rccrcoleman Level 1

      I'm using RoboHelp v7.02.001 and below I have an example of what my table displays when viewed. The first line is Ok but the second line is indented when viewed. It is not indented when I view it in design.  I compared the two line in HTML view and added >span </span> to the line that was off.  I also added font family: Ariel; to the line of code thinking that might solve the problem.  Even though I can't see any differences between the two lines of code the second line displays a little to the right.  I've checked table properties and the settings are the same for both lines.  I notice if I arrow down while in design the information above the ruler changes from Document > TextBox > Table > Row > Cell > Paragraph > [ | ] to  Document > TextBox > Table > Row > Cell > Paragraph > Span > [ | ].  I thought that might be the problem but rows that are fine show either way.  It looks sloppy and I'd like to have all the text align as in the first row. 


      Sorry I tried inserting the image and for some reason it says the content is not allowed?


      The table is displaying this way:


      UD Codes        UD Code Description

      UD Codes        UD Code Description