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    Help with linux webcam support in an AIR application!




      I am running the 32-bit edition of Ubuntu 10.04.

      I recently purchased an application through AIR - PartyBooth (www.partyboothapp.com)


      It is written in Adobe AIR, and is a simple program to operate a photobooth.  I have 3 different webcams:

      1) Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

      2) Logitech Quickcam Vision Pro

      3) Microsoft LifeCam Cinema


      All 3 of these cameras work in every linux webcam software (including skype). They are very well supported webcams in linux.

      They do work in the Partybooth application, however, the resolution is locked at 240x240 - which is way too low of a resolution to take nice pictures with. (Again, these cameras all work at full HD resolution in every other linux application that I have ever tried)