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    Flashpaper Print Problems..

    Jean Paul Sinatra
      Hi There!..

      Here's the issue...

      When printing from a flashpaper file that has been created from a pdf,
      there are anomalous elements that do not print correctly. The printouts
      from my machine and my colleague's machine show different anomalies,
      when printing the same file on the same printer.

      One example is vertically aligned text that is white on a coloured bg
      just shows up as a white box.

      Is there a definitive way to create the flashpaper from the pdf that will
      prevent this happening? Also, web links in the pdfs do not retain their link
      status, and revert to normal text, is there a way to retain the links?

      A quick look around the web has shown that many people experience odd
      printing behaviours, common comments would be...

      "Apparently it depends on how the Adobe PDf document was created or
      how the FlashPaper document was produced from a PDF."


      "It seems that every different configuration of computer and printer gets
      a different result in how the document prints."

      Anyone know of a preferred process for conversion, or suggest a way
      to modify or process the pdf prior to conversion that will eliminate these

      Cheers, JPS