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    Connection to ZendAMF

    ric_bia Level 1

      I'm trying to connect a flex 3 project to ZendAMF.


      I've added to the compile line the path to -services (using -services services/config.xml)

      Inside the service config.xml I've set the channel uri to the zend.php (using http://url.tld/services/zend.php)


      In the Flex src I've create a remote object using:

      amf = new RemoteObject();
      amf.destination = 'zend';
      amf.addEventListener('result', onResult);
      amf.addEventListener('fault', onFault);


      The flex compiles correctly, but when I try to use the remoteobject functions it returns me an error.


      Debug prints like:



      returns me:

      [RemoteObject  destination="zend" channelSet="null"]





      returns me an error:

      ReferenceError: Error #1069: Cannot find attribute classFunction on mx.rpc.remoting.Operation and no default value is defined.



      Anyone could tell me what's wrong? That remoteObject channelSet should be null? :\