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    Flex Project Compiler Options Keep Reverting


      I have recently installed Flash Player as well as the debugging Plugin for IE. I am developing under Windows 7 64-bit which might to be the root of my troubles. (Max OSX and Windows 7 32 bit do not seem to experience the numerous issues I am having including this one)


      When I set the "Require Flash Player Version" to 10.0.0, the application works great and I am able to use some of the new features specific to But the next time I load my workspace, the version has reverted back to 9.x and my project no longer builds. A related issue is that once I have accessed the "Compiler Options" screen once, it will always be blank for the rest of my session. (Blank until I shut down and restart)


      The only way I have been able to get the project to build and run at all is to set the version to 10.0.0. (10.0.452 just loads a blank screen) This happens on both Windows 7 64 bit as well as OSX.


      Again, I don't have the revert problem on OSX.


      I know that Eclipse has numerous reported problems with 64 bit windows including Windows Vista and Windows 7 but I am not so sure this is related.


      Any ideas?


      Developing on my Mac is an option but since our build machine is Windows 7, every time I check in a change, I will break the build.




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          Waterdog66 Level 1

          This is really becoming a pain since every time I get into FlexBuilder, I have to hit my project and set the required version back to 10.0.0. (It keeps reverting to 9.x) Since I am using the new FileReference enhancements in Flash10, this is mandatory to avoid compiler errors.


          I still have no way to automate the build process since there is nothing on the build machine to perform this action.


          Any help would be greatly appreciated