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    PRE8 Mixed Media Project Issues

    jpsnuffy@gmail.com Level 1

      Problem Description: When creating a New Project and after importing a combination of video (MOD) and still images (jpeg) I get a pop up that says "Premeir Elements 8 is running low on system memory. Please save any changes to you project and close PRE" or something similar to that message.

      I just don't understand what I need to do to get PRE 8 to run on my system without running out of "system resources".


      I have a separate hard drive for my PRE projects so that I am not running the program on the same drive that my projects are on. Please help, I am new to Premiere Elements, but have work a little with other Adobe products in the past. I know with some of their products you have to specify scratch disks to help the software to run smoothly. Is that what I am missing? When I purchased this product I kinda hoped that it would be just a simple drag&drop, edit the files in program, add effects/transitions/audio and then compile the final video, but I have not been able to successfully create anything with PRE on my very capable system...pretty sad.


      Again please help,


      I have a HPE Pavilion 180T PC

      Intel i7 X980 CPU

      12GB DDR3 RAM