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    New Build for CS5 and taking advices.

    Luis Cepeda

      Hello everyone,


      I have been using Adobe Premiere and AE,PS and A Encore for a while now, started long before Encore was here, I wasn't very decided on what to do and did not want to spend in building a decent system since this was only a part time to me and a learning curv. Now I am holding to this as my only way of income and I get to take it seriously.


      I have put together this system and at the end of my post I would like to ask a few questions which I will review and hopefully get a perfect system for what I do, let me also point out that I do not even have a HD camcorder but plans are to get one very soon, so I am basicaly working on standard Def videos from my SYNY DSR250 and my Canon XL2, I do upconvert clips from time to times for demonstration purposes.


      My System:

      Case: COOLER MASTER COSMOS 1000 RC-1000-KSN1-GP Black/ Silver Steel ATX Full Tower Computer Case - Retail
      CPU:  Intel Core i7-950 Bloomfield 3.06GHz LGA 1366 130W Quad-Core Processor Model BX80601950 - Retail
      PSU: Thermaltake Toughpower W0133RU 1200W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Certified CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power ... - Retail


      RAM: CORSAIR XMS3 12GB (6 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model HX3X12G1600C9 G - Retail


      Mobo: EVGA E758-A1 3-Way SLI (x16/x16/x8) LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
      Graphic: PNY Quadro FX 4800 VCQFX4800-PCIE-PB Quadro FX 4800 1.5GB 384-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 SLI ... - Retail
      Cooling: Noctua NH-U12P SE1366 120mm SSO CPU Cooler - Retail


      OS: Win 7 Ultimate edition x64

      Software: Adobe Creative suite CS5 Production Premium




      1) What are your thoughts about this system and what could I change to make it better?


      2) What are things I need to tweak in my system to get the most out of the CS5 software?


      3) Any treak to increase performance? or, I have a set of 3 WD Velocity Raptor 10RPM in raid zero set up and I have set 3 partitions to it, 200GB for OS, 400GB for Capture and about 300GB for my preview drive, I also have 2x 1TB WD Black running in normal mode where I keep most of graphics effects and others. Is there anything better than this?


      4) I managed to do my RAID set up but I am afraid to tweak my system as far as over clocking RAM and CPU, I have found tutorials around but thay are not to clear and maybe for more advance users, I am not a pro but I have a good understanding of how this work and also built this system myself. is there any site or video that shows how to tweak my CPU and RAM to increase performance? I may not need more performance right now but is good to know since I may needed in the coming days...HD will be my next stop.


      and las but not least...

      5) What video camcorder would you recomend for Wedding and Sweet 16 projects? I have been looking at the Panasonic HPX500 but the package is running above my budget, ( $US18,500 ), I am also very happy with quality picture I can get out of my DSR 250 only thing is not a HD and upconvert would not be a choice for such long projects.


      Guys I appreciate your time to read and to best advice me.


      Thank you

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          shooternz Level 6

          How about Panny HVX200 or similar.

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            John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Go to the hardware forum http://forums.adobe.com/community/premiere/hardware_forum and read all messages for the past 2-3 months


            Unless you really need the bitlocker (name?) features in Ultimate, all you need is Win7 64bit Pro


            What I have (for less than a month... so take that in to account) and which is working well for me is a Canon Vixia HFS100... but I am just a hobbyist, so for real professional work my camera is probably seen as a toy

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              Luis Cepeda Level 1

              Great inputs John T Smith and shooternz.


              I have looked at the HVX200 and it is something I might consider if I changed my pro adtitude, I mean besides being able to produce a good final video for my customers I like to feel myself in a pro suit and impresion by carring a bigger system will bring more customers to me, this is something I have proved to myself, people see me with these heavy equipment at the weddings and they understand I am not just another amateur at the show and the respet I get from people around carring smaller camcorder also is something I would like to keep, plus a bigger camcorder in many ways means more quality when it comes to low light situations.


              As per Win7 Ultimate like you said that is all I needed, I just bought it ultimate because I like the idea of x86 program support.


              Has anyone used or can give me some clue about the HPX370 from Pannasonic? I am really thinking about this one, just one thing is stoping me from making the decision and that is how good it would be under low light situations comparing it to the Sony DSR250 I have which incredibly good for these type of situations.


              I did look at the hardware forum and this is one of the reason I bought the Quadro XF 4800, also because Adobe has certified this card with full support and it is only second to FX 5800 which double the price.


              I appreciate your time and any other inputs are welcome.


              Thanks again.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7



                On the system:


                Instead of the Noctua NH-U12, look at the Noctua NH-D14.


                Instead of the FX4800, look at a Fermi card, either the GTX-470 or 480. The FX4800 is end-of-life, the successor is expected to be announced this month, but on the other hand rumors have support for the 470 coming shortly and for the 480 in Q3. Since the track limitation has been lifted, the Fermi cards have better specs than the Quadros.


                Don't forget your disk setup.


                On the camera:


                Also consider the Sony PMW-EX3 or the PMW-320. Coming from the DSR-250, both may be interesting to you. The semi-shoulder EX3 is nicely compact but extremely light sensitive with 1/2" sensors, the 320 is the more professional one with 2/3" sensors, but quite a bit heavier.

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                  Baz R Level 3



                  I would also reccomend the Sony EX-3 very good Camera, you can also buy a Sony V-mount with d-tap, so you could use your old battery and lighting.


                  I woud not buy a quadro fx card, i have a fx5800 and a gtx480 and there is not mutch difference in performance.


                  Also your memory try something with lower Latency.


                  Also have a look at the cosmos S. it has more space for HD ect. and better cooling.


                  good luck



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                    Luis Cepeda Level 1




                    Could not hope for less coming from you Harm Millaard, great advice on the Cameras side thanks for that, the 320 is coming out in august and will be priced for 14800 including the lenses, that sounds like good fit for me, only thing I will have to read a lot about Cmos since I have been stuck to CCD's.


                    About the Cooler I should have explain, my system is built already, but I am thinking of building a second one to maximize production, and the idea is to use part from my existing machine to build a similar one while increasing the quality of the one I have already.



                    Studio North, than you also for your advice, as I said I have paid for everything and my system is up and running except for my Quadro FX4800 from PNY which I got and used for a day and when I attached a second monitor I realized I had issues with the DisplayPorts, so I had to send it back for an exchange and I do not believe I could get something cheaper without sacrificing a few bucks, Newegg has a policy of return that works very well for them, and the other thing is that I did not want to guess and investing on this expensive card makes me feel more secure since Adobe only has provided support for these cards, buying a newer card is not a bad thing but I myself like to see the word from adobe saying that this new item is also good for AMP.


                    Guys thanks for your time and I am very grateful to your responses, I definitely will keep in the search and hopefully this info is of great help for my small business.


                    Thanks again.