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    control for table of contents

    vtxr1300 Level 1
      I have not used flex yet aside from a couple of little tutorials a while back. I have to create a flash interface to display training videos for our web site and I was hoping to build it in flex (using the trial in hopes of getting the powers that be to buy it). I'm struggling with figuring out how to present the table of contents for the user to select which video to watch. Originally I was thinking of using the accordion control but as I did some searching I read that you can't dynamically add headers to the accordion. I need the table of contents to be completely loaded from an xml document and it would be structured in the following way...
      Topic 1 - may or may not have an associated video
      Topic 2
      Topic 2 video 1
      Topic 2 video 2
      Topic 3
      Topic 3 video 1

      So, each parent topic could have a video but all children topics would have a video too. Can anyone suggest the best way to go about building this? Thanks.