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    Flash Builder 4 Code Hinting Error


      In a Flex 4 project I'm currently working with (using Flash Builder 4 Standard), I'm not getting any mxml code hinting popups aside from "fx" tags or the name of the current class I'm working in. The real kicker is that other projects in the same workspace are showing the full code hinting ("s" and "mx" tags) fine. This just recently happened in the upgrade to FB4 Standard.


      Any thoughts as to what's going on?



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          jdcorr Level 1

          Ok. Solved it. The issue was that we were using linked source code and library swcs that were all located under the same directory. When you pull up the project's properties and go to "Flex Build Path" under the "Source Path" tab you can add that directory without a problem. However, under the "Library Path" instead of just adding the directory, I added each swc individually and that solved my problem. Now all the code hinting is working perfectly.