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    Web Photo Gallery Issue


      I created a Web Photo Gallery in Adobe  Bridge CS5. I want to INSERT it in a web page using Dreamweaver.  The problem is that the Web Gallery is an index.html file and appears  to be a web page itself. But I need it to just be part of a web page  that contains my background images, texts and links. The Web Gallery is  NOT a flash animation. As i tried this activity by using Iframe. its working but, i want my page to be refresh everytime when i click the thumbnails to view the larger image. because in my website iam displaying ad tags, this helps my business.


      Please help regarding this issue (as i saw in many websites, when viewing web gallery, page will be refreshed). waiting for your support.

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          bemdesign Level 4

          Take the Bridge-created index.html page (and associated folders and files) and copy them to your Dreamweaver site folder, making sure not to overwrite your existing index page or folders - you may want to rename the Bridge-created files something else (add a 2 to the name or whatever). Then open the Bridge created index.html file with Dreamweaver, switch to code view, and then select all the code and copy it to your clipboard. Now open up your own Dreamweaver page (or create a new page in your Dreamweaver managed site) and switch to code view, select all, and paste the previously copied code into it. Make sure to double check that any URL's point correctly to where your resources are (i.e. make sure that wherever your photos are called in the code point to the folder and image where that particular folder is located within the Dreamweaver site).


          Hope this helps.

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            Webparx Level 1

            Thanx for your response, but iam unable to find correct solution as my page should be refreshed with clicking thumbnails photogallery? Please calrify my issue.