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    Local file deletion... this is NOT good.

    Codefinger Level 1

      Hi there,


      I'm working in CS5 Dreamweaver trial mode, have been using DW for years now. I'm upgrading from CS3 to CS5, running WinXPSP3.


      Aaaand my situation is NOT good.


      I have my Remote/Local (in that visually arranged order) view open. I am currently logged in via FTP. I selected files in the REMOTE area, and instead of deleting those... it F*&*&*G deleted everything in the identically named folders on my LOCAL file area. Awesome.


      Have tried it twice now, same thing happens - no prompts, no obvious updated configuration options like "Don't delete my local files plskthx", in fact everything looked so much like previous versions that.. well, gee, I idk I sort of expected that to NOT happen.


      I had no files selected *at all* in the local view. Only the remote view. Yes, I was looking in the remote view. Yes, my files are all gone -  except of course for my temporary test files in FTP.


      It should be noted that my remote files are NOT deleted. In fact, sometimes it takes me 3 or 4 attempts to remove them. Also to note, is that I have not had this issue in over 9 years. My Host tells me everything is fine, all logging normally, all privs in place, connections successful.


      Firstly, what have I done wrong? an exceptionally rapid reply would be most appreciated.


      Secondly, has anything FTP-wise fundamentally changed between DWCS3 and DWCS5 which I am supposed to blindly anticipate?


      Secondly, how do i go about restoring files deleted from within Dreamweaver, since it is very obvious that I need those files to not be man-handled by software.


      - d


      (please don't mention version control et al, some things are not possible in some situations, and as it happens I was attempting to start testing Dreamweaver's version control).