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    Close popup -> end recording???

      I have a colleague who's experiencing some strange behavior recording using C2.

      He's recording a web based application in IE with buttons and links that cause secondary windows to popup (e.g., calendar applet to select date). When he clicks the Close (X) icon for the secondary window, C2 ends the current recording session and begins generating slides (as if he had pressed the End button).

      He's checked his Recording Preferences, and the End Recording is set to the End key. I can record the same application and popups with my version of C2, and it behaves just fine (i.e., continues recording after the popup closes).

      Any idea what might be going on, or how to troubleshoot this? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

      -- Bob F.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi Bob F.,

          Has your colleague tried changing the key to end recording - to something besides "END"?

          If there is some conflict in his startup files or configuration that is causing the premature end of recording, perhaps a different keyboard shortcut might help (on his/her machine only).(??)