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    PE7 Extreme failures and crashes while rendering and also hundreds of memeroy errors please help!


      I have ben using Premiere Elements 7 for a year now and it worked fine for the first year until I started editing HD footage in it. Now I receive "Proceed with caution" warnings upon opening my project that is only 2:45 long. I cleared out all my old projects and I still get this warning message.


      Next, I have tried to render my video as an MPEG to my computer using the HD 720p 30 settings, but I have tried to render my video 37 times and everytime it either says "Failed to return a video frame", "Unknown Memory Error", "Out of Memory Error" Or the program just crashes all together. I am extremely frustrated and don't know what the problem is or how to clear out my memory any further. It is an extremely short video so it should not be taking up much space anyways!!


      I am runnin PE7 using Vista on a Dell Intel Core 2 duo with 2GB of RAM and a 32-bit Operating System. Please help me solve this error, I have researched as much as possible but none of the "solutions" I have found have been any success. All help is much appreciated,