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    Adding special font VPSKEY4.3 vietnamese characters?


      I'm trying to use vietnamese characters font to use for text title. Anyone know how to add this type of font? I'm using VPSKEY4.3 program, unable to get it to work on PE8.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          If you add this font to C:/WINDOWS/FONTS, it should be available when you next launch the program.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

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            As Steve say, Installing the font in the system should work fine. Be aware, however, that different foundries produce different fonts. Adobe programs work best with OTF's (Open Type Fonts), and then with PS fonts (Postscript), but also work with many TTF's (TrueType fonts). The key is "many," as some just do not work in Adobe products. It can depend greatly on how well those fonts are formed.


            Especially with some Arabic and Asian fonts, one might have to try the products from several different foundries, to get them to work correctly, and display properly. A Photoshop user and I went through about four foundries' products to find a special Korean font for her use. If the version that you have does not work, do not hesitate to try that font (or very similar) from another source.


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