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    Using the same action sequence with multiple buttons and exclusive conditional interactions

    sanzo ghenzo

      Hi all,

      first of all, pardon me for my english and if I post questions already answered, but I can't find anything about that.

      I'm new to flash and I decided to use Flash Catalyst to speed up the building process of a multimedia presentation for university.


      I have a menu with 10 buttons that change a text box on rollover (I converted it to a button label) and I need to reset the name of the current page on RollOut. Since the action sequence for it is the same of every button on one page, is there a faster way to apply the sequence than repeating it for every button? (I had to do it 10x10=100 times... and what if I made some mistake? )


      Another question is I want to disable the interaction of the menu button of the current page, but conditional interaction let me choose only an "if in state" condition an not a "if not in state". How can I do this? should I simply disable the button on that page?


      Thanks a lot for the help!

      Cheers from Italy