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    How to search in a pdf package via command line


      How can I search a specific PDF file within a PDF package via the command line? Previously I have used the following code in VB6 to search a single PDF file successfully.



      acroPath = String(128, " ")        'initialise this string

      resultStatus = FindExecutable(pdfPath, vbNullString, acroPath)



      acroPath = Replace(acroPath, vbNullChar, "")        'Get rid of the null character

      acroPath = """" & Trim$(acroPath) & """"





      cmdLineString = acroPath & " /n /A ""search=" & searchString & """ " & pdfPath

      Call Shell(cmdLineString, vbNormalFocus)



      I now receive this file as part of a PDF package, so how can I amend the command line to search the specific file within the package?


      I only have Reader, not the full blown Acrobat version.