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    Spry menu query

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      Hi, does anyone know whether its possible to code different background colours for the individual menu boxes rather than having them all the same - I can't work out how to do it.  I want the sub-menu boxes to be the same colours as the main menu items, and the mouse-over colours to be different also.

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          photographer stefan Level 1



          I think you have to take alook inside the spry menu horizontal/ vertical css file and see what you can do..


          Look for background color like in this i copied from one of my sites.. also there are a lot written in the css files what is doing what so check it out it is in the folder SpryAssets. You probarly have to find the hover color aswell Good luck:)


          float: none;

          background-color: #E6F3FF;

          width: 142px;


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            HI, thanks but what I want is a different colour for every box.  I've used the Spry menu widget on a number of sites but have not been able to work out how to make them different.  There's nothing obvious in the css but I'm sure it must be possible.


            Any other ideas anywhere?  I'd really like to crack this.

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              photographer stefan Level 1

              hmmm just looked att the css... looks  like you have to do some heavy job setting a specific css rule for each field then...and maybe use background images... maybe someone else here have a better idea or maybe you can find something that is already developed out there:)


              Nothing i have ever tested for any clien but maybe it will look cool:) 


              Good luck