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    sound loop question

    cliff roy
      I have a movie that at the end of it, I want the graphics in the final frame to freeze, but the sound to keep looping for eternity.

      I've tried a "go to and play" and play on the final frame to a frame that should make the sound loop. But it seems like there is a hiccup or a pause when it does it.

      In the middle of the movie, the sound loops flawlessly. It's only when I try the "go to and play" is when the sound pauses between loops.

      Is there any action script code that tells the movie to loop the music but freeze the graphics?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          no. if your sound is attached to a movieclip frame, you'll have very limited control over it.

          if you use the flash sound class, you'll have much more control over your sound and no issues with timelines (unless you're trying to sync sound and animation in which case all the issues are solvable but not necessarily trivial).
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            cliff roy Level 1
            I don't need to sync the sound and animation.

            Is there any chance you could post some code?

            Also, If I try to extend the last static frame for a long time so the sound will loop for a few minutes, It makes the size of the swf larger. Why is this? The graphic isn't changing and it is just reusing the sound loop. Shouldn't the swf size stay the same no matter how long the last frame is stretched out?


            Sorry for the double post
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              file size should increase by a few bytes when you extend the timeline but add no new assets to the timeline.