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    How to combine different values to one values in xpath mapping

    stormshark Level 1

      Hi everyone


      I think it s simple question but I m new on Adobe Livecycle Workbench


      My problem is


      I Have 4 different values such as


      DocType                    int                  = 369

      CustomerNumber        int                 = 123456

      CreateDate       string or datetime     = 01/01/2010

      DNZ*#                 freetext

      BarcodeGathering     string

      these are my values which come from the web service (except DNZ*# and BarcodeGathering)


      All I want is


      I want to gather all information such as DNZ*# CustomerNumber #DocType#CreateDate into BarcodeGatehering in xpath mapping

      so I tried /process_data/@BarcodeGathering         "DNZ*#" + /process_data/CustomerNumber + /process_data/DocType + /process_data/@

      but İt didn t work

      can you tell me the right syntax


      Also If you give other examples I really appericate that


      thank you very much anyway17.JPG

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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          The xPath to get the value of "simple type" variables is /process_data/@variableName.


          If you want to combine strings together you need to use the concat function.

          ex. concat( /process_data/@variableString1, /process_data/@variableString2,etc).


          If you have other data types than strings, you need to convert them to strings using the string() function.

          ex. concat(string(/process_data/@variableInt1), string(/process_data/@variableInt2), /process_data/@variableString1)