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    Migration to flex 4 - performance issues


      Hi ,

      I am facing some strange behavior after upgrading my flex project from flex3 sdk to flex4.
      First the performance has decreased significaly so i did some research and read this:
      which says in short the in flex4 all the flex libraries are loaded as rsls to the player which explains the performance decrease i had ( my application uses a lot of memory which is what you have less of when you use rsls, you get better loading time ).

      folowing the above article i change my compiling configuration not to load the rsls :

      static-link-runtime-shared-libraries = true

      this improved my performanc by a lot but still not as good as in flex 3 , when i look at the swf files compiled in flex4 i see that they are 2 times bigger now then in flex3 , none of the code was changed. this is strange to me because in flex3 i also did not use any adobe framework as rsls so i expect the size to be the same .

      anyone has any idea why flex4 outputs a larger swf file then flex3 ( when not using rsls )?