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    Problem Create ASDOC


      When I try to create a ASDOC using third party components, this error happens. How can I fix it?


      : 36 Erro: Type not found or consant

      Òo: MDIWindowEvent.


                      private function mdiCloseEvent(e:MDIWindowEvent):void



      C:\project\src\MyUtils.as(17): col: 25

      Error: Could not find the definition flexlib.controls:IconLoader.


              import flexlib.controls.IconLoader;



      C:\project\src\MyUtils.as(18): col: 31

      Error: Could not find the definition flexlib.mdi.containers:MDICanvas.


              import flexlib.mdi.containers.MDICanvas;



      C:\project\src\MyUtils.as(19): col: 31

      Error: Could not find the definition flexlib.mdi.containers:MDIWindow.


              import flexlib.mdi.containers.MDIWindow;



      C:\project\src\MyUtils.as(20): col: 39

      Error: Could not find the definition flexlib.mdi.effects.effectsLib:MDIV



              import flexlib.mdi.effects.effectsLib.MDIVistaEffects;

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          injpix Level 3

          Are these third-party components in a SWC?  If so you need to exclude them from linking to prevent them from being documented.  Thats assuming you dont want to document them.  I used PureMVC for one of my projects and below shows how to prevent its SWC from being documented.


               The ASDoc tool parses one or more ActionScript class definitions
               and MXML files, and generates API language reference documentation
               for all public and protected methods and properties.
               <target name="document" description="Generating API for this project">
                    <echo>Generate API for project</echo>
                    <asdoc  output="${COMMON_APPLICATION_ROOT}/api"
                              window-title="${APPLICATION_NAME} API"
                              failonerror="true" >
                         <!-- compile for all as/mxml/swc files -->          
                         <doc-sources path-element="${COMMON_APPLICATION_ROOT}/src"/>               
                         <doc-sources path-element="${COMMON_APPLICATION_ROOT}/libs"/>
                         <!-- src -->
                         <compiler.source-path path-element="${COMMON_APPLICATION_ROOT}/src"/>                              
                         <!-- libs - this excludes from linking when compiling a SWF file -->
                         <compiler.external-library-path dir="${COMMON_APPLICATION_ROOT}/libs">
                          <exclude name="PureMVC_AS3_2_0_4.swc" />
                         <!-- prevent documentation/linking for generated directory -->
                         <!-- <exclude-sources path-element="${APPLICATION_HOME}/src/generated"/>  -->
                         <jvmarg line="-Xmx1024m"/>
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            BuebEspuenja Level 1

            I'm doing so, but the error still continues. Using Command Prompt.


            CD C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4\sdks\4.0.0\bin\


            asdoc -source-path  C:\projectMyLib\src -doc-sources T:


            C:\projectMyLib\src -exclude-classes flexlib.swc