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    Flex4 DataGrid - Mouse moving outside the DataGrid keeps DataGrid scrolling




      the DataGrid has the following behaviour: when you click on the DataGrid and move the mouse upwards over the top of it and hold the mouse on top of it, the DataGrid keeps scrolling UPWARDS. When you move the mouse under the bottom of the DataGrid, the DataGrid keeps scrolling DOWNWARDS.


      I am optimizing my app for touch devices, and when the user moves her/his finger over the DataGrid from bottom to the top, I let the DataGrid scroll in the same direction, that is DOWNWARDS. If the user now moves his finger beyond the upper boundary of the DataGrid, the DataGrid changes the scrolling direction.


      How can I avoid the scrolling of the DataGrid when the mouse moves outside, or how can I change the scrolling direction of the DataGrid?


      Thanks in advance