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    How do I restore the initial screen?


      I'm doing the free Dreamweaver trial and after I selected a new HTML document, I clicked around to see what would happen to the different elements of the huge thing that completely filled my 20-inche screen.


      Some disappeared, some separated from the main area and are now just little rectangles against the computer's background. I thought they would resume their place when I quit Dreamweaver and re-opened it but that didn't happen.


      Why did this happen and how do I restore things to the way they are supposed to be?


      Thank you.



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          The initial screen I am assuming is the Welcome Screen.  To get it back go Help à Welcome Screen (or something like it).  If it is not there check in the General section of the preferences.  If you need more help please reply with you operating system and version of Dreamweaver you are using.


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            mygreenhomeproject Level 1

            I'm doing a trial of the new Dreamweaver CS5 on my Mac with OS X10.5.8


            No, I don't mean the welcome screen.


            I mean, after the welcome screen, when you open or start a document, the Dreamweaver screen fills up all the workspace with your document either in Code, Split or Design view, a narrow panel with Properties at the bottom and a panel of various things on the right (Files, Assets, CSS, etc.).


            I think the reason they're like that is that I reduced the size of the document screen. I will try increasing it again.


            Thank you.



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              Richard_vav Level 3



              At the very top of the dreamweaver window just to the left of the search box you will find a drop down menu, here you will find all the different preset views, that are included with dreamweaver.  Assuming that all you have done is manually re-arrange the various panels, simply open the drop down and click 'Reset ........' which is third from the bottom of the list.  If you do rearrange the panels and get them in a view that you like to can save that as a workspace by clicking 'New workspace' and giving it a name, it will then appear at top of the list.



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                mygreenhomeproject Level 1

                Yes, yes, yes!


                Thank you so much.