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    FTP help


      I have just done my first website within DW, just showcasing my design work that I do. I've gone through uploading it all via this FTP, but when i go to view my site live, parts of the site are missing, such as a my 'web' links button (its coming up with that blue question mark where it should be) and also the link will not take you to that page its supposed to, just comes up with an error message. The majority of it is there, i,m just hoping its something simple that can be fixed quickly! so any ideas, or if i need to give more info on the problem, please let me know!






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          rapahanock Level 1

          A couple things:


          When you do a remote view on your files tab, are the files all there?


          Is your web server Linux? If so, check for capitalization. Capitalization matters on Linux, so image.JPG and image.jpg are not the same. Make sure your code has image and page names capitalized the same as the actual filenames.



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            matthews_1985 Level 1


            many thanks for that, all the files that are meant to be there are.

            The web server is linux, i've checked everything through and it all seems to be right. The jpg images are now appearing on the site, the only problem now lies with the 'website' design page, everytime the link is clicked on to go to this page, an error comes up saying 'page cannot be found'. I've looked at everything! it's probably something really obvious!


            any more ideas will be appreciated as always!


            ta, helen

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              John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Can you provide a link to the website?