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    Gang Embed Images

    saysf1 Level 1

      I've usually have lots of images in my CS3  illustrator files. To print these files to my epson printer, I usually embed all linked files, flatten the image, and save the image as an EPS. Then I open the EPS file in photoshop at an appropriate resolution, and print from photoshop.

      My question is this: Is there a way to embed all of the images at once, instead of having to embed each image individually? I usually select all of the images in the links palette, and then click "embed". Clicking "embed" brings up the "Photoshop Import Options" window. I usually click the option to "Flatten Photoshop layers to a single image". Then I have to click "OK" for every single image. It is annoying to have to sit here for five minutes and continue to click "OK" for every single linked image that I want to embed. Is there a way to just click "embed all images", without having to embed them one at a time? Thanks.

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          Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Why do you save an EPS? You could open the AI file in Photoshop. You don't even have to embed linked files or flatten the image first.

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            saysf1 Level 1

            Hi Monica. I have to embed the linked files (which are usually layered psd files). If I don't embed the files, then after I save the ai file as an eps, and open it in photoshop, then there are white boxes around the images. In other words, the linked images need to be embedded, because of things that are happening behind the images (such as drop shadows, colors, text, etc)

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              Jean-Claude Tremblay User Group Manager

              Even better, just save your Illustrator document to .AI with the "Create PDF Compatible File" in the Illustrator Option dialog. You will be able to drag this to Photoshop and let photoshop rasterize the whole artboard at your desired resolution.

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                saysf1 Level 1


                That worked perfect...thanks! I don't know why I never tried that...all these years! Stuck in my old ways, I guess : )


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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  saysf1 wrote:



                  That worked perfect...thanks! I don't know why I never tried that...all these years! Stuck in my old ways, I guess : )


                  But Monika wrote the same exact thing all you have to do is open the file in Photoshop if it is an ai file.


                  if yu save it as an eps yes the raster effects will lose transparency but not if you save it as an ai file as Monika suggested.


                  and even better than just dragging and dropping is to open the ai file as a smart object allowing you to save it out as any format at the resolution you specify in the image size dialog.


                  But to go back to the resolution issue though you can specify the file resolution in any form but the original images are less then that new resolution the images will be resampled so that  probably is good unless you are resing to a much higher resolution. In that case using as a smart object is best as it allows you the ability to replace the original image files whether they are linked or embedded with files that are better suited for the resed up version.


                  If you res up in some way the image files even as a batch process and you save them to the same directory that they were placed into the original AI fie and you have automatic updates for embedded images then you will only have to open the smart object in Illustrator wait for the update save the ai file and the photoshop file will be updated as well. Linking would be better for this way.


                  Yes, I know when you save it as an eps it does this awful things effects but since you are not saving as an eps that problem will nit be a factor.


                  At any rate Monika had a solution that is more powerful than although you can copy and paste and paste that as a smart object as well.


                  If you open the ai file just as a psd file then you get an option to set the document resolution.

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                    saysf1 Level 1

                    Thanks, Wade. I will explore the options that you've recommended. Thanks.

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                      So, that sounds like a great solution if you are ready to print. But what if you want to hand off an entire project to another designer, for completion? In InDesign, all I have to do is hit one single script: Package for output. All links, no matter what file type, plus all fonts, are brought into a folder along with the InDesign file itself. Everything is there for the new designer to simply open and take over, as if the art were embedded with the .ai file.


                      Does Illustrator have this function? To my knowledge, one needs to individually embed each and every psd, jpeg, png to achieve this… So tiring.




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                        Monika Gause Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                        Embedding ≠ packaging.


                        Illustrator can do either, depending on the version.

                        From CS6 (Cloud version) on you can package files.


                        Embedding is an option in saving.