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    Premiere Elements 8: import as numbered stills not working


      System is an Alienware M17x running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.


      I have a folder (tried this on multiple folders, actually) that only contains a series of PNG files, named Frame0000.png, Frame0001.png, and so on.  When I follow the help instructions and import the first image in the sequence, and check the import as numbered stills box, PE8 still only imports the first image.  I've tried this on multiple sequences, including BMP and JPG files to see if it was a PNG problem, and none of them work.  The only way thus far I've found to import the whole sequence is to group-select them all manually and trust the time stamp sorting to keep them in order.


      Is this a bug in PE8?  Is there something missing in the process instructions that I'm not doing?


      Thanks in advance.