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    AIR and the DLLs.. Uff!!


      Hello everyone
      I am developing  an engine for computer vision with the OpenCV in C++ (with Visual C++  Express 2010) creating the DLL that can be used for all languages.

      The next step  would be to create a small player in Flex and Air to test them.
      How do I import  the DLL into AIR?
      I knew that AIR can not use DLLs but was added to  support AIR2. But I have not found anything about  it

      I found that there are plans for this purpose as Merapi on Java  and CommandProxy on .NET with C#  but that does not find a download
      But I have not  found anything
      for C++ ( Visual C++ 2010)


      Can you help me?

      Ps.: Sorry  for my English but I did help from Google:-P