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    RH8--Changes made to HTML not persistent in HTML viewer

    TheMarcus7 Level 1

      During our pre-release QA, we discovered that many of our topics had lost the line of code that called the ehlpdhtm.js file:


      <?rh-script_start ?><script src="../ehlpdhtm.js" type="text/javascript"
              language="JavaScript1.2"></script><?rh-script_end ?>


      I'd run into this problem before and knew the fix was to add this string in just below the <body> tag. The good news is the fix works.


      The wierd news is, the changes disappears from HTML view when you save &check the topic back in to RSC. Opening the topic in an external editor proves the topic  was modified, and the next build propagates the change as desired, but even clearing the project files an reloading from source control doesn't display the change in the HTML viewer.


      Does RH store that view somewhere? We have the option checked to rebuild the .cpd file every time we get the file out of Source Control. I've also filed this as a bug with Adobe.