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    Panel not showing

    DavideBarranca Level 1


      I'm running in (another) issue trying to make a Photoshop panel - the short version is that it doesn't appear in the extensions list.


      I took Maria's video as a walkthrough, so:


      1) I've the FlashBuilder project, everything's fine (if I move for a quick test the SWF file only to the Photoshop CS5/Plugins/Panels/ folder, it shows, it runs, it's OK)

      2) I've modified the manifest.xml file (that comes in the samples CS SDK folder), according to my needs.

      3) I've created a folder in /Users/Davide/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CS5ServiceManager/extensions/ named accordingly (com.davide.test for instance)

      4) I've set a PlayerDebugMode entry in the com.adobe.CSXS2Preferences.plist with a string value of 1. (the one I've found in my user Library)

      5) I've created an empty file named "debug" in the Photoshop CS5 package, /content folder as the doc suggests


      So I'm ready to see my panel listed in the extensions menu, but it's not there. What's wrong?


      To be sure, I've moved the folder again in Photoshop CS5/Plugins/Panels/ and here it works.


      I'm developing for Photoshop only, so it's ok to me that in the app specific panel folder the extension works, but I'd like to understand the why things aren't going as they're supposed to do. Anyway, I didn't try yet the debugging procedure, but I'm not sure whether it will work or not, being the extension in the "wrong" folder.

      Any help is appreciated,




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          Have you defined the HostList in manifest.xml correctly? Aren't you mistaking PHSP with PHXS  (Photoshop Extended)?


          Is the SwfPath correct? It should be "./extension.swf"  and the .swf should be in the root folder of the extension.

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            DavideBarranca Level 1


            A huge thanks!!  I always do these stupid errors... Ah!

            All the best,




            By the way, is there a reason not to install extensions that are for a single application only, in the applications panel folder (like I did with Photoshop) and not in the library/application support/Adobe/etc etc?

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              userpsp_ Level 1

              I had no idea that you could install it in the panel folder too. But if you only intend to use the extension privately I think it is OK.


              The reason not to do it appears to be that the manifest file has a lot of directives, that I know nothing about, but that could be useful in some situations.